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Many financial planners adopt one or two wraps and one investment solution to run their entire wealth management proposition. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you will be able to see all Wrap holdings in one place and it’s pretty simple.

Ultimately though, this can lead to compromise, increased charges on certain plans, fragmented apportionment of risk, and lack of impartiality. If you wanted to change the Wrap itself, a plan or an investment it would prove very difficult and the service to you could suffer demonstrably. Also, the consideration of your borrowings, protection plans and the use of trusts is often overlooked.

Mitchell & Company's technology is a complete open architecture IT solution that integrates virtually all Wraps, Plans and Investment solutions in one place. This will give you an integrated view of all your plans and allows us to manage your entire portfolio in real time against your overall attitude to risk.

The advantages to you cannot be overstated because it allows us complete freedom of investment without compromising on service and choice.

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